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Triumph Packable Riding Essentials

Triumph's new line of essential packable utility products focuses exclusively on the needs for the rider. The big design consideration for these quick to grab and throw on products is their need to be accessible for the rider, this is why the products have been engineered to be stored in close proximity to the rider at all times for quick reach, as this is paramount. The S20 product line has been designed to pack down neatly into their own storage compartment enabling you to keep them in on-bike storage or in your EDC backpack and ready to use whatever the weather condition dictates.

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Always have Triumph approved parts, accessories, and conversions fitted by a trained technician of an authorized Triumph dealer. The fitment of parts, accessories, and conversions by anyone who is not of an authorized Triumph dealer may affect the handling, stability, or other aspects of the motorcycles operation which may result in loss of motorcycle control and an accident.