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No Matter What The Journey,

No Matter What The Climate,

What you wear is as important as the motorcycle you choose in achieving the perfect ride. Make sure every rider is equipped and prepared to take on any environment is something we're equally passionate about, and providing the most comprehensive rider clothing is a key aspect in helping you to enjoy any adventure.

The garments that you wear must all work together to help control heat transfer, limit moisture transgression and protect you from the elements. Wearing a layering system will ensure the maximum benefits of comfort and protection, but fabrics that don't perform will mean the layering system doesn't function as it should, that's why Triumph have engineered every element within each layer to ensure they function as a cohesive team.

Triumph's unique Affix Series allows the rider to mix and match the various insulation layers to tailor make their unique layering system to create a comfortable custom microclimate for their body.

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Always have Triumph approved parts, accessories, and conversions fitted by a trained technician of an authorized Triumph dealer. The fitment of parts, accessories, and conversions by anyone who is not of an authorized Triumph dealer may affect the handling, stability, or other aspects of the motorcycles operation which may result in loss of motorcycle control and an accident.