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Triumph Parts and Accessories Fitment

Triumph uses the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to check compatibility of a part or accessory with your Triumph Motorcycle. Specifically, it is the last 6 digits of your VIN that are utilized. The VIN can be found on a plate attached to your bike, stamped on the frame or any documentation that came with your Triumph Motorcycle such as a bill of sale or insurance documents.

On newer Triumph production models, the last 6 of your VIN may contain letters which are considered higher than numerical digits. These alpha digits move higher sequentially in alphabetical order (BC1234 is higher than AB1234).

It may be the case that a part or accessory may only be compatible with models:

  • up to a VIN number (– AC6129)
  • with a particular VIN range (800262 – 965682)
  • from a VIN number (AC6130 +)
  • or the full model production range (– AC6129, AC6130 +).

If you are unable to find your VIN or are unable to confirm whether a part or accessory is compatible with your bike, please feel free to contact us by text at 216-920-2727, email at cs@triumphcleveland.com, or by completing our Parts & Accessories Fitment Request below.